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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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Chief Evaluation Office

Current Study

Stay at Work/Return to Work Models and Strategy Study


  • Early intervention Stay at Work/Return to Work (SAW/RTW) models and strategies are used to assist people with disabilities and those who experience an injury or illness remain at their jobs, or in the workforce. The purpose of this study is to document and expand the knowledge base of SAW/RTW strategies and identify promising models and best practices; and to develop evaluation design options to build on and add to the evidence produced. The project will include a policy scan and literature review, stakeholder discussions, structured field work, an analysis and synthesis of data and information.

Research Questions:

  • What current promising programs exist? What programs have been validated?
  • What are the important pathways of workers from injury, illness, or disability to SSDI application and receipt?
  • What are the characteristics of target populations that might benefit from SAW/RTW strategies, interventions, and services, especially those who may apply for or enter SSDI?
  • What options exist to build the research evidence in this area? Which strategies are promising, and how could these be evaluated?

Project Duration: 18 Months

Contract End Date: March 2019

Contractor: Abt Associates