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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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Chief Evaluation Office

Current Study

Livelihoods Services Evaluation


  • The purpose of this study is to design and conduct an evaluation of the livelihood components of direct service projects funded by the Bureau of International Labor Affairs' (ILAB) Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking (OCFT). OCFT's project portfolio includes a variety of livelihoods activities, including agricultural training and support, micro-franchise, youth and adult vocational and skills training, financial literacy and entrepreneurship training, and village savings and loans organizations. This study seeks to understand the effectiveness of these activities, factors for success, and lessons learned for future projects.

Research Questions:

  • How and to what extent are livelihoods services linked to reductions in child labor?
  • How do outcomes vary by contextual and geographic factors?
  • How are livelihoods activities implemented? What factors influence implementation? What challenges do programs face in implementation and how are those challenges overcome? What implementation practices appear promising for replication?

Key Components:

  • Evaluability assessment to determine the most rigorous approaches to assessing the effectiveness of livelihoods project components
  • Rigorous implementation and outcome evaluation of livelihoods services.

Program Duration: 36 Months

Contract End Date: December 2018

Contractor: IMPAQ International