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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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Chief Evaluation Office

Current Study

Job Corps External Review


  • The purpose of this review is to identify opportunities that could lead to a more effective and efficient Job Corps program through designing and conducting a study that uses existing evidence and builds on this evidence and knowledge. The Fiscal Year 2017 Department of Labor Budget Request included a requirement that in 2016, DOL and Job Corps launch an external evaluation to review the Job Corps program, the outgrowth of which could be used to consider broad structural changes and impactful service changes that can enhance Job Corpsí effectiveness and efficiency in serving high-risk youth. The objective is to position the Federal program to better meet the needs of the 21st Century economy and the needs of the high risk youth. This study intends to provide information that can help fulfill this goal.

Research Questions:

  • What is known about effective and efficient public program administration?
  • Are there structural issues that have a bearing on center/program effectiveness?
  • What is known about the effectiveness of services, programmatic approach, and other models for serving a similar population?
  • What is known about types and packages of services or policy approaches most effective for at-risk youth?
  • What programs, models, components, or approaches are successful or promising that could or do contribute to the success of Job Corps?
  • Are there program models or approaches which are promising and could be tested in Job Corps?
  • What specific areas warrant further research?

Key Components:

  • Expert workgroup discussions about promising approaches and evaluation design recommendations
  • Review, document and synthesize information on Job Corps and similar or relevant programs
  • Develop recommendations for future research and evaluation of Job Corps

Project Duration: 19 Months

Contract End Date: March 2018

Contractor: Mathematica and Decision Information Resources (DIR)