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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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Chief Evaluation Office

Current Study

Implementation Evaluation of the Urban Employment Demonstration Grants for Youth and Young Adults


  • The purpose of this study is to understand the implementation of the Urban Employment Demonstration Grants for Youth and Young Adults. Awarded to seven cities - Baltimore, MD, Camden, NJ, Detroit, MI, Houston, TX, Long Beach, CA, North Charleston, SC, and St. Louis, MO, these grants support community efforts to address workforce needs and to improve employment outcomes for youth and young adults disconnected from school and employment. The study will assess the demonstration grantís implementation at each grantee site and highlight promising practices.

Research Questions:

  • What existing employment and training resources did cities leverage for the Urban Employment Grants, and how were community partnerships build and used to develop and support activities and projects under the grant programs?
  • What strategies were used to recruit and connect the targeted youth to jobs? What were the characteristics of the employment opportunities available and accessed by the youth (e.g., summer jobs, internships, full time jobs, with benefits or additional skills training, etc.)?
  • What were the challenges encountered in implementing the plans developed and how were those challenges addressed? What promising practices did grantees use to achieve participant success?

Key Components:

  • Exploratory visits and key informant conversations with officials at each of the seven grant sites.
  • Analysis of grant reports and performance data.

Program Duration: 24 Months

Contract End Date: September 2017