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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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Chief Evaluation Office

Current Study

Evaluation of the Customer Experience in American Job Centers


  • This small exploratory evaluation is helping DOL learn more about the customer experience at American Job Centers (AJCs), both that of job and training seekers and that of employers. This study has three purposes: (1) to learn more about the customer experience in AJCs, (2) to highlight promising practices in those AJCs, and (3) to consider behavioral science–based tools that will enhance the AJC customer experience.

Research Questions:

  • What is the customer experience at various AJCs? What is the customers’ experience at different stages of interaction and service – including pre-visit? What is the experience of key customer groups, such as Women, Vets, Youth, LGBT?
  • How are job seekers and employers who seek assistance at AJCs treated? How are the customers treated at different stages of interaction and service?
  • What are the customer opinions about AJC services and resources? What is the customer’s perception of the quality and types of services offered?
  • To what extent does the system meet its customers’ needs? Have the customers been to the AJC before, or is it their first visit?
  • What promising customer experience strategies or approaches are being used in the system?

Key Components:

  • Literature scan
  • Information gathering at selected study sites, including: discussions with AJC staff and customers; focus groups; observations; unannounced visits; and a kiosk-based customer exit survey
  • Analysis and synthesis of data and information; recommendations for behavioral-science based tools or trials; implications for DOL programs and AJCs’ approach to the customer experience

Project Duration: 15 Months

Contract End Date: December 2016

Contractor: IMPAQ International and ideas42