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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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Chief Evaluation Office

Current Study

Clearinghouse for Labor Evaluation and Research (CLEAR)

Purpose: To develop and maintain the Department of Labor's (DOL) clearinghouse for labor evaluation and research (CLEAR) that will provide practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and the general public with a central and trusted source of evidence on labor market interventions and innovations relevant to the DOL's work.

Study Goals:

  • Promote the use of evidence for decision-making and policy development.
  • Identify, compile, and catalog the evidence on programs and strategies of interest to DOL and related to its mission.
  • Provide a transparent, systematic assessment of the quality of studies estimating causal impact according to the strength of the evidence they produce.
  • Synthesize findings across studies and communicate content to users in an appealing, intuitive, and engaging way.


  • Maintain CLEAR’s web presence, including the continual development the searchable database of all materials in the site.
  • Develop transparent, replicable protocols for reviewing materials and research to be included in CLEAR’s database. This includes identifying the methodologies that will be acceptable for consideration in the site and the criteria to be considered for inclusion or exclusion under each methodology, as well as the approach to be used if studies have already been included in reviews by other Federal agencies.
  • Identify and research topic areas for inclusion in the site. This may include consulting subject matter experts, gathering and reviewing relevant materials for each topic area based on specified review protocols, and producing profiles of individual study reviews.
  • Develop syntheses and other communication products and post materials to CLEAR.

Project Duration: ongoing

Contract End Date: May 2019

Contractors: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., ICF International