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Current Study

Department of Labor Scholars Program

CEO is excited to support the DOL Scholars Program. Since 2012, an annual competition has awarded a cohort of academics with up to $50,000 each, to conduct independent research relevant to DOL policies and program. These projects culminate in a final report summarizing the design, analysis, and findings, as well as a public-use data file, if applicable.


2017-2018 DOL Scholars Program

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017-2018 DOL Scholars Program, a one-year program starting in August 2017.

By April 17, 2017, applicants need to submit a technical proposal, a cost proposal, curriculum vitae, and one letter of recommendation. Application support materials are provided on the program website at Awards will be made based on a combination of factors including the rigor and appropriateness of the proposed methodology, the extent of innovation and creativity in the choice of topic or method, and the potential to inform policy decisions and contribute to scholarly literature.

2016-2017 DOL Scholars Program

The 2016-2017 DOL Scholars will conduct and complete research between August 2016 and August 2017. Projects focus on a range of labor-related topics such as the role of agriculture in Indian Country recovery from the Great Recession, OSHA inspection spillover effects, and the relationship between domestic outsourcing and workplace safety. Read more below on the fascinating work of this year’s scholars.

Meet the 2016 Scholars

Prior Years Scholars Program

2015 DOL Scholars Program

In 2015, five scholars from recognized research institutions were competitively selected to participate in the 2015 DOL Scholars Program.

Meet the 2015 Scholars

2013-2014 DOL Scholars Program

In 2013, six scholars from recognized research institutions were competitively selected to participate in the 2013-2014 DOL Scholars Program.

Meet the 2014 Scholars

2012-2013 DOL Scholars Program

In 2012, one scholar was competitively selected to conduct research under the DOL scholar program.

Meet the 2013 Scholar