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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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Chief Evaluation Office

Useful Documents and Links Related to Federal Evidence Initiatives

Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking

  • Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking - On March 30, the President signed the Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission Act of 2016, a bill law creating the bipartisan Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking. The Commission is charged with examining all aspects of how to increase the availability and use of government data to build evidence and inform program design, while protecting privacy and confidentiality of those data. Read the Evidence Commission Act 2016

White House and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Evidence Guidance Documents:

Evidence and Evaluation Material from the President's FY 2017 Budget

  • Evidence and Evaluation Web Page – The Web page ( highlighting the Administration’s evidence and evaluation efforts.
  • Highlights of the Evidence and Evaluation Agenda – Both "Building and Using Evidence to Improve Results" FY 2017 Budget fact sheet and the "A Government of the Future" chapter in the main volume of the FY 2017 Budget highlight the Administration’s evidence and evaluation agenda.
  • Focus on Evidence and Evaluation Capacity Building – Using the "Building the Capacity to Produce and Use Evidence" chapter of the FY 2017 Budget Analytical Perspectives volume to discuss the role of evidence in decision-making, articulate important principles and practices of agencies with strong evaluation functions, and highlight Administration efforts to build the capacity to produce and use evidence—particularly through the use of administrative data and the establishment of centralized evaluation functions.
  • Performance Agenda – The "Delivering a High-Performance Government" chapter of the FY 2017 Budget Analytical Perspectives volume highlights efforts related to the Federal performance framework that are included in the FY 2017 Budget and which represent practices and initiatives that OMB and the PIC team have worked hard to embed in the operations of Federal performance management throughout this Administration.
  • Fact Sheet on Pay for Success – The new budget web page also includes a fact sheet "Improving Outcomes through Pay for Success" that highlights the Administration’s efforts on Pay for Success.

Cross-agency Evidence Framework

Cross-agency Evidence Framework

Characteristics of Individuals and Employment Among First Responders

CEO's report on First Responders describes a cluster of first responder occupations, with particular emphasis on trends and patterns in employment, the characteristics of the individuals who do these jobs, the nature of their work, and adverse experiences they may face as a result of their potentially hazardous work.