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DOL Appeals Disclaimer

Disclaimer: DOL Appeals is not a substitute for legal advice or your own research

DOL Appeals is the gateway to information about formal hearings and appeals at the Department of Labor.  This site consolidates information about how the adjudicatory agencies operate.  It includes links to court rules and procedures, contacts, research libraries, decisions, and other information.

Although DOL Appeals endeavors to provide information that is timely, accurate and complete, you must keep in mind that adjudicatory agencies cannot provide legal advice to litigants or their representatives.  Thus, information contained in DOL Appeals web pages, or linked from these pages, cannot, under any circumstances, substitute for legal advice from an attorney or representative.  Nor can it substitute for a party's own research into the statutory, regulatory, and case law authorities.  Persons accessing this site must undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content.   The Boards and administrative law judges do not recognize DOL Appeals web pages as final legal authority and they should not be cited or relied upon as such.

See also the Department of Labor's General Web site disclaimers