I. Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations

What is a modification to a wage determination?

A modification to a wage determination is issued to update data in the original determination. Where a contract will be entered pursuant to competitive bidding procedures, a modification, notice of which is published on the Wage Determination On Line (WDOL) web site at http://www.dol.gov; or in the Federal Register less than 10 days before the opening of bids shall be effective unless the agency finds that there is not a reasonable time still available before bid opening to notify bidders of the modification and a report of the finding is inserted in the contract file. A modification to a general wage determination is "published" on the date of the notice of the modification published on WDOL or on the date the agency receives actual written notice of the modification from the Department of Labor, whichever occurs first. (For projects assisted under the National Housing Act, and for projects to receive housing assistance payments under section 8 of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937, dates other than bid opening apply. See Regulations, 29 CFR Part 1, section 1.6).

If a contract has not been awarded within 90 days after bid opening, modifications prior to award to a general wage determination in the contract shall be effective with respect to that contract unless the agency requests and obtains an extension of the 90-day period from the Wage and Hour Division.