IV. Davis-Bacon Wage Surveys

Does WHD verify the data submitted?

Yes. WHD uses three procedures to verify the data received:

Third Party Data Verification. The third party data is data submitted for use in a wage survey by anyone other than a holder of payrolls. A “holder of payrolls” may include a construction company owner or a government entity enforcing/administering a DBRA contract. Third party submissions are separated by type of submitter (e.g., union, association, etc.) and by usability because only usable WD-10s should be included in the sample. WHD reviews a random sample of the submissions from each type of submitter and verifies the data submitted by those selected.

Contractor Data Verification Procedures. For each survey at completion, five percent or at least five WD-10s (whichever is greater) of data collection forms submitted by contractors should be randomly selected for verification. Each selected form must be from a different contractor.

On-Site Verification Procedures. When a survey is completed, a sample will be drawn from the entire usable survey data. This sample data will include data from those contractors with the biggest impact on wage data for each craft for which a rate is proposed. Only that data used to calculate the wage rate will be included in the sample.