IV. Davis-Bacon Wage Surveys

Who does the Department of Labor contact during the survey?

WHD reviews “Dodge Reports” to identify active projects in the area to be surveyed. An initial notification package is mailed to all general/prime contractors that are identified through this review. This package includes a letter containing information regarding the parameters of the survey as well as WHD contact information. The letter encloses a copy of Form WD-10 (e WD-10), “Report of Construction Contractor Wage Rates,” reflecting the project and contractor information WHD obtained from the Dodge Reports. The letter also requests that the identified general/prime contractor provide responsive wage rate information in its possession and also identify other contractors and subcontractors on the general/prime contractor’s projects who may possess wage rate information within the survey parameters.

If responses to the initial notification package have not been received from all identified general/prime contractors within four to five weeks, follow-up letters will be sent to all non-respondents. If after six to seven weeks a response still has not been received from all identified general/prime contractors, a telephone follow-up may be made. If it is not practical to telephone each non-respondent, a random sample telephone follow-up may be conducted

Letters announcing a survey are also sent to Congressional representatives, contractor trade associations, and unions at both the local and headquarters levels to advise them of the survey and solicit their cooperation in furnishing payment data. Federal, state, and local government agencies also are notified. These letters contain information regarding the type of construction being surveyed, the area being surveyed, the survey time frame, and the cut-off data for data submission. These letters also request recipients to encourage contractors to respond to the survey.

Contractors identified by any source, including in response to the initial notification package, are asked to provide wage information and to furnish lists of subcontractors. WHD then contacts such subcontractors about participating in the survey.

If you are not notified of a survey but have relevant wage data, contact the WHD regional wage specialist listed at https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/programs/dbra/regions for your geographical area of interest and request that you be informed of surveys in your geographic area.