Virtual Southwest DOL Forum

Building a Stronger Workforce through Awareness

The forum is intended for construction employees, employers, unions, employee/industry associations, and other stakeholders throughout the 11 states in the WHD SW Region from Louisiana to Montana, but as a virtual event, may include others from across the country. The first day will begin with a panel discussion hosted by a WHD moderator featuring administrators and directors representing the agencies who will be making presentations later during the event. WHD will be presenting on FLSA, FMLA, DBA, and Prevailing Wage Surveys, and there will also be presentations from BLS, EBSA, ETA, OFCCP, OSHA, & VETS, HUD as well as SBA. All presentations will be in English using the Adobe Connect platform. Attendees will register at a landing page and will receive a link to the event after completing registration. The point of contact is Investigator John Newbill, 719-432-8950,