Department of Labor's FY 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

I am honored to present the Department of Labor’s FY 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. This plan outlines how the Department will achieve its vision of promoting and protecting opportunity for all workers and employers.

In developing this Strategic Plan, the Department directly engaged Congress, our employees, stakeholders, and the general public through agency outreach — including listening sessions, web chats, and posting the proposed strategic goals and objectives with explanatory, user-friendly slideshows on the DOL web site. Stakeholder outreach began early in the planning process, allowing the Department to consider stakeholder comments while goals and strategies were still under development.

The Administration is building an opportunity economy, where all Americans who work hard and act responsibly can reach and remain in the middle class. The Labor Department plays a critical role in that effort. My vision is for the Department of Labor to be the Department of Opportunity. Realization of this vision requires that we all work together to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in our Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan outlines the strategies the Department will use to realize the vision of opportunity, ranging from job training that provides the skills needed to succeed in 21st century jobs, to efforts to secure worker health, safety, and income through retirement. The goals outlined in this Strategic Plan drive the work of the Department’s employees each and every day.

I am proud to be the Labor Secretary at such a pivotal moment for working people, our economy and the nation. I look forward to carrying on the great work of the Department of Labor, executing a mission that is more important than ever.

In line with the Department's continued commitment to greening the Department, no printed copies of the Plan will be offered. Instead I invite you to open the electronic version of the Plan. I encourage you to review it carefully to understand the strategies and priorities that provide the Department of Labor with a strong roadmap for creating more opportunity for more people. I look forward to our work together.

- Authored by Secretary of Labor Tom Perez 2013-2017

To view the Plan you must have a free PDF viewer (i.e., Acrobat Reader) available on your computer.