U.S. Department of Labor E-Government Strategic Plan


The Department of Labor is developing an information technology (IT) strategy that is based on ensuring that IT aligns with the business requirements of the Department and broader Federal efforts. Figure 9 provides an overview of the planning process within which IT strategic planning is integrated. The figure demonstrates how the three IT strategic focus areas (service delivery, architecture and security, and internal management) are linked to the departmental mission and goals and the E-Government strategy. It also demonstrates how specific initiatives are managed to ensure proper integration with higher level strategies.

Figure 9. Department of Labor Planning Framework

Department of Labor Planning Framework

Because information technologies are an enabler of the achievement of business objectives, the IT strategy is focused on the technologies necessary to support changing business requirements and improve delivery of services to customers. For this reason, the Department’s IT strategy is its migration plan for achieving its target architecture. This plan is managed via the IT capital investment and control process to ensure that IT investments are aligned with the architecture. Figure 10 depicts the process for attaining the target environment.

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