U.S. Department of Labor E-Government Strategic Plan: Organizational Capability

U.S. Department of Labor E-Government Strategic Plan


The organizational capability component of the E-Government strategy ensures that the Department has the appropriate management structure and approaches in place to identify and manage E-Government projects. This section addresses establishing the E-Government Framework, integrating E-Government into performance management, managing E-Government projects, creating E-Government customer portfolios, and conducting workforce planning within the context of E-Government.


The move toward E-Government must be proactively managed. This requires establishing an E-Government management team, developing plans to support the E-Government strategy, managing those plans in accordance with project management and IT investment management processes, and providing the proper oversight and governance. The primary elements of the E-Government Framework are policies, plans, processes, and people.

With respect to policies, in 2000 the Department published Secretary’s Order 1-2000, Authority and Responsibilities for Implementation of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 and the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996, and Order 2-2000, Department of Labor Internet Services. 3 These orders establish accountability for the management of the Department’s information technologies and the development, institutionalization, and continuing support for the Department’s public Web site. Additional policies, such as a Department-wide electronic correspondence policy, are under development.

In accordance with the responsibilities assigned to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the Secretary’s Order 1-2000 and appropriate legislation and guidance, the Department’s CIO provides a leadership role in the strategic and operational management of information technologies and, therefore, in the development and implementation of the E-Government Framework.

Figure 7.DOL Integrated Project Management Framework

Integrated Project Management Framework Image

3 As of February 2003, Secretary’s Order 1-2000 is in the process of being revised.

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