U.S. Department of Labor E-Government Strategic Plan

As shown in Figure 5, there are four basic steps in the value creation process: (1) understanding customer requirements, (2) exploring areas for improvement, (3) defining possible solutions, and (4) prioritizing opportunities. This process demands that the Department, its customers, and other organizations serving the same customers work together to identify service requirements and approaches. To achieve this critical cooperation, the Department must establish an improved dialogue with its customers and develop partnerships with other entities in the value network. This integrated effort will result in plans to proceed with identified solutions and, ultimately, sustained value for DOL customers.

Figure 6 presents the approach the Department will use to improve customer value. Based on the categorization of customers and the value creation process identified above, the Department will—

  • Conduct a customer interaction audit by mapping all customer interaction points and types
  • Conduct a customer information audit to determine what information customers require and to improve the Department’s ability to deliver it.

These activities will lead to the development of customer service plans that identify DOL’s customers, how they interact with the Department, the nature of the customer relationship, who in the Department is responsible for managing the relationship, the plan for managing data and information, customer satisfaction levels, and plans for improving customer service. These customer service plans will provide a basis for DOL’s future technology investment decisions.


The Department is committed to results-oriented government—government that is focused on performance rather than on process. From the E-Government perspective, this means engaging the customer in the determination of how well the Department has performed.

To the greatest extent possible, DOL will apply private sector customer service principles, including—

  • Online surveying of customers to determine the kind and quality of services they want and their level of satisfaction with existing services

Figure 6. Improving Customer Value

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