OFCCP recently announced that it will begin conducting focused reviews addressing disability and religious accommodations as a part of its focused review initiative. The goal of these reviews is to ensure that contractors are not discriminating against employees and applicants through denials of accommodation requests, and to provide technical assistance and other guidance to contractors so they are better able to provide accommodations to their workforce and applicants in all aspects required by equal employment opportunity laws.

In conducting these reviews, Compliance Officers will examine a contractor’s policies and procedures related solely to religious and disability accommodations, as identified in the scheduling letter. The Compliance Officer will specifically review documentation relating to accommodation requests and dispositions, with a particular emphasis on denial(s) of accommodation. The review will also include interviews with managers responsible for or involved in the accommodation process as well as with affected employees and applicants.

Additional materials including voluntary best practices will be added to this page at a later date. Please visit the quick links for information on frequently asked questions (FAQs) for accommodations focused reviews, as well as a link to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s religious discrimination guidance.

OFCCP Focused Reviews

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