Attitudes are important influencers affecting the employment and retention rate of people with disabilities. Key issues include:

  • Whether job seekers with disabilities and their families perceive themselves as able to work and support themselves financially through working.
  • Whether employers and coworkers perceive the employment and retention of people with disabilities as profitable for their organization.
  • Whether service providers, including workforce development professionals, perceive that people with disabilities are capable of working.

Recognizing that changing attitudes within all three of these groups is critical to improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities, ODEP has spearheaded a variety of initiatives, including:

Additional resources related to attitudes about the abilities of people with disabilities include:

  • Spread the Word >> Inclusion Campaign — A global engagement campaign by Special Olympics to increase inclusion amongst people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities through grassroots action.
  • Stereotypes About People with Disabilities — Article from the Disability History Museum about stereotypes, myths, and attitudinal barriers faced by many people with disabilities.