Inclusion Drives Innovation


Poster Description

The 2017 NDEAM theme–Inclusion Drives Innovation–appears at the top of the poster in large blue, black and red letters on a light-blue background that depicts the lobes of the brain. Running through the center of the poster are threads of small innovation icons such as computer screens, transmission towers and lightbulbs. The icon threads frame a roadway that contains four images of people with disabilities offering solutions in inclusive work environments. Below the roadway are the words National Disability Employment Awareness Month followed by hashtag NDEAM. At the bottom is DOL's logo with the following words: OFFICE OF DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT POLICY, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and the URL to ODEP's website

Poster Availability

Versions of the poster are available in English and Spanish for both download and mail order.

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NDEAM 2017 poster: Inclusion Drives Innovation

NDEAM 2017 poster: Inclusion Drives Innovation (Inclusión Impulsa la Innovación)