Career trajectories refer to workers’ economic advancement prospects in the ten years after starting a job, and occupational transitions refer to the job changes these workers make. The Career Trajectories and Occupational Transitions (CTOT) dashboard is an interactive tool that allows users to view data from four nationally representative longitudinal surveys and online career profiles that capture workers’ career trajectories and transitions as they occur in the labor market. The dashboard focuses on “mid-level” occupations – those that typically require education or experience beyond a high school diploma or equivalent, but less than a four-year degree.

Together with other sources of labor market information, users can leverage CTOT dashboard data to develop programs and policies that are responsive to workers’ real-world experience. Users can interact with the data to explore: (1) how workers in mid-level occupations move through specific jobs and occupational clusters, and (2) how they experience wage growth over time. Policymakers and practitioners can identify “launchpad” occupations associated with higher wage growth, look for clusters or occupational characteristics associated with wage growth, and understand where disparities exist and could be addressed.

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Helpful Hints:

  • While navigating via keyboard, hit enter twice to activate the data table view of each chart area.
  • For optimal viewing, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and click Full Screen Button to enter “Full Screen”.