Telework Success

DOL delivers telework solutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has forced changes in the day-to-day work of the American public. With a skyrocketing demand for critical DOL services such as benefits claims and unemployment insurance, the Department’s workforce amplified its efforts to ensure continuity of operations and mission.

Telework Success

With more than 91% of DOL's nationwide staff teleworking, the OCIO ramped up bandwidth and expanded high-impact IT solutions critical to the DOL mission.

Some of the agency websites surging in page visits include:

  • has seen a 99% increase as people filed for workers' compensation as a first responder
  • has seen a 97% increase as people searched for statistics on unemployment job figures
  • has seen a 97% increase as people searched for guidance on continued medical coverage
  • has seen a 82% increase as people sought guidance on workplace safety and personal protective equipment
  • OCIO rapidly analyzed and addressed the needs of an increasingly digital workforce while maintaining a secure IT infrastructure - remaining ahead of the curve.

A few proactive enterprising OCIO solutions include:

  • Migrating over 30 applications to the cloud for increased speed and security.
  • Supplying Wi-Fi and network upgrades to 195 offices for communications and connectivity tools.
  • Launching collaborative workspace technology and external video conference lines.
  • Authorizing a laptop leasing program for more than 15,000 staff to maintain an inventory pool of 6-10%.
  • Facilitating seamless virtual onboarding for more than 740 staff nationwide by distributing laptops through the DOL's 12 regional offices.
  • Including digital signature capabilities on all laptops to facilitate faster form processing and approvals.
  • Optimizing the VPN to improve routing, making remote connections quicker and safer.

As DOL received an influx of calls - Wage and Hour Division has received 9,000 phone calls in a day, for example - OCIO provided more teleconference and video conference solutions. As agency IT needs surged, OCIO responded with the expansion of digital meeting tools and telework resources - all in support of front-line demand for DOL critical services.

OCIO's work before and during the pandemic ensures employees operate efficiently and safely regardless of the changing work environment.