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IT Mission

We are a customer service organization dedicated to providing information technology solutions and leadership to advance the DOL mission. 

IT Vision

To provide premier technology solutions—best in Federal service—that empower the DOL mission and serve the American public through collaboration and innovation. 

IT Strategic Goals

See text below.

Goal 1.0: Optimize Support Through Value, Transparency, and Effectiveness

Balancing value against cost to increase operational efficiency and improve services for DOL agencies and the American public by providing transparent and measurable business practices that result in more targeted and effective support.

Goal 2.0: Modernize Business Systems Utilizing Proven and Cutting-Edge Solutions

Modernizing legacy systems provides partner agencies with the infrastructure, platforms, and tools to stimulate an innovative environment for current and future mission success.

Goal 3.0: Protect the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of Services through Cybersecurity

Instituting effective cybersecurity practices ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of DOL information and provides assurance to the American public that DOL services are continuous and uncompromised.

Goal 4.0: Leverage Data to Advance Fact-Based Decisions and Promote Positive Customer Experiences

Establishing a technological environment to provide rich, meaningful data and positive customer experiences promotes the ability and desire to leverage tools and technology for research and decision-making for DOL agencies and the American public.

Goal 5.0: Institute a "Leading-Example" Workforce

As a service provider, a modern, well-trained, role-aligned IT workforce acts as a force-multiplier enabling realization of all other IT strategic goals and enhancing partner agency mission value.