The foriegn labor application gateway (flag) system

Learn about OCIO’s IT modernization initiative for temporary work visas!

The Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG) system is an integrated portal for the Office of Foreign Labor Certifications (OFLC) temporary work visa application process for the five program areas. The FLAG system accommodates a higher volume of application submissions, such as the 650,000+ annual labor certifications from more than 73,000 employers. Digitizing the issuance of Labor Certifications through the latest cloud technology results in several outcomes:

FLAG roadmap

The Current Temporary Work Visa Application Process:

  1. Employer/Filer submits application to the Department of Labor for labor certificate
  2. Employer/Filer receives new digital boarding pass
  3. Employer/Filer submits digital boarding pass to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process
  4. USCIS reviews & sends certification pack to the State Department
  5. The State Department reviews & issues VISA certification


  1. Millions in savings per year on printing
  2. Transferring of data in near real-time across three agencies (Departments of Labor, Agriculture, and Homeland Security)

The IT modernization initiative for temporary work visas is enabled by the Technology Modernization Fund.

Benefits for America’s Employers and Temporary Workers:

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Enhanced Efficiency: To automate processes to fulfill the growing demand for temporary labor.

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Streamlined Process Rules: To prevent incomplete or erroneous information in applications.

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Modernized Capabilities: To enhance search functionality and provide a mobile-friendly user experience.

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Data Hub for Real-time Communication: To provide application status updates with automated alerts used across Departments and Agencies.

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Expedited Timeline for Temporary Workers: To process applications faster by eliminating the need for printing and mailing from select locations.

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