Directorate of Cybersecurity Spotlight #BECYBERSMART

DOL’s data is important and protecting it is crucial to the success of DOL’s mission.

The DOL Directorate of Cybersecurity is hard at work putting measures into place to safeguard the DOL network and improve DOL’s security posture. The team leverages policy and technology to ensure effective cybersecurity governance, compliance and protection of the DOL IT infrastructure and data so agency missions are not compromised.

Meet OCIO’s Directorate of Cybersecurity Leadership:

Paul Blahusch - Chief Information Security Officer; Karl Hellman - Deputy Chief Information Security Officer; Jason Ralph - Division Director, Security Operations Center; Muhammad Butt - Division Director, Information Security Policy & Planning; Sharon Kelser - Division Director, Security Authorization Management

Our Directorate of Cybersecurity implements solutions to achieve the following:

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Stop Data Theft.
Preventing unauthorized copying, transferring or retrieval of data from a computer or server.

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Control Access.
Deploying an advanced tool called the Identity Service Engine to control network access.

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Filter Content.
Limiting views to certain URLs or websites to deliver an essential layer of protection from malware, phishing and other online scams.

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Prevent Intrusions.
Using threat prevention technology to examine network traffic flows, detect and prevent vulnerability exploits.

Data Privacy Day - January 28, 2022

The Department of Labor is proud to support the celebration of Data Privacy Day, January 28, 2022 as a Federal Data Privacy Champion. This annual campaign calls attention to Federal responsibility in protecting and safeguarding the Department's sensitive data.