Title Release Year
Experimental Estimates of the Impact of Malaria Treatment on Agricultural Worker Productivity, Labor Supply and Earnings 2012
Isolation or Opportunity? Experimental Analysis of a Housing Program for Urban Slum Dwellers in India 2012
Working Conditions and Product Quality: Evidence from Carpet Industry in Pakistan, India, and Nepal 2012
Overview of New ILAB-Sponsored Research Papers on Worker Rights and Livelihoods 2012
Designing Microfinance to Enable Consumption Smoothing: Evidence from India 2011
Do Community-Based Interventions Improve Risk Sharing? Evidence from Malawi 2011
Overview of the ILAB-OTLA Contract Research Program on Livelihoods and Consumption Smoothing 2011
A Theory of Exploitative Child Labor (Published in Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 60(1), 2008, pp. 20-41.) 2008
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