Better Utilization of Skills for Youth (BUSY) through Quality Apprenticeships

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Project Duration: September 2016 - September 2020

Fiscal Year & Funding Amount:
FY2016: USD 3,000,000

The Problem

In Kenya, every year hundreds of thousands of youth enter the workforce without the skills they need to get good jobs, free from exploitation. Children who drop out of the basic education system are particularly vulnerable to child labor, including commercial sexual exploitation, child trafficking for domestic work, drug trafficking and begging on the streets. Moreover, about 86 percent of youth enter the workforce having received no technical or vocational skills training and with no access to workplace-based training opportunities such as apprenticeships.

Our Strategy

The BUSY project will help build the capacity of government, employers, workers’ organizations, and civil society actors to establish and expand workplace-based training programs for vulnerable youth, including by identifying gaps in relevant laws and policies. The project will support the development of a National Skills Development Policy in coordination with relevant Kenyan government agencies. The project will also collaborate with the ILAB-funded Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) project to support the establishment of a GAN national chapter in Kenya to expand apprenticeship training programs in the country. In addition, the project will enhance the capacity of the country’s labor inspectorate, youth officers, and micro and small enterprise associations at the county level, to promote safe working conditions and decent work through workplace-based programs for youth.

Grantee: International Labor Organization (ILO)

Contact Information: (202) 693-4843 / Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking (OCFT)