Glenn educating younger students at risk of engaging in child labor

As a secondary student, Glenn was trained by the ILAB-funded ABK3-LEAP project in the Philippines as a "little teacher." On weekends, he educated younger children in his community who struggled in reading and math. He used games, stories, and activities to keep them engaged beyond the classroom and reduce the risk of them dropping out of school to do dangerous work, particularly in the sugarcane fields during harvesting season. "The change I saw in the children I taught was they became more interested 

in learning, more confident and participative in the catch-up class and in school." For Glenn, the change was just as profound. It boosted his self-confidence, helped him develop important skills, and kindled in him a passion for education. "The trainings I attended and the experience as a little teacher urged me to pursue my dream to be a teacher someday. Love what you do and never wait for any payback because helping others in need is in itself a great reward." He is currently in college, pursuing an education major.