Voices of TAACCCT College Presidents: Podcast Series

In this podcast series, community college presidents discuss the impact that TAACCCT has had on their colleges. Engaged leaders with strong vision have been especially successful in engaging partners and creating programs that can be scaled and sustained. This series explores the leadership mindset and strategic approach that several community college presidents have taken to leverage the impact of TAACCCT at their institutions.

  • Podcast 1: Interview with Annette Parker

    Annette Parker, president of South Central College in Minnesota, describes how she engaged fellow college presidents, business leaders, and legislators in developing a shared vision that aligns college programs with the manufacturing sector across the state and embeds new models to create access and flexibility to improve student success.

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  • Podcast 2: Interview with Dale Chapman

    Dale Chapman, president of Lewis & Clark Community College in Illinois, discusses how the TAACCCT grant enabled the creation of a consortium of colleges to produce the Mississippi River Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Consortium, which is training workers in communities up and down the river for jobs in shipping and related industries.

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  • Podcast 3: Interview with Pam Eddinger

    Pam Eddinger, president of Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, discusses how she fostered a culture of innovation and openness to change at her college and how the TAACCCT grant allowed Bunker Hill to scale and sustain numerous initiatives.

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  • Podcast 4: Interview with Dorey Diab

    Dorey Diab, President of North Central State College in Ohio, describes how the TAACCCT grant enabled the creation of the Advanced Manufacturing Mechatronics and Quality Consortium, which is unique in that it's not a regional or state consortium but instead is made up of colleges from around the country. The college also used the TAACCCT grant to find new ways to engage employers and community partners to help dislocated workers. Download transcript of podcast

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets begin to illustrate the significant impacts TAACCCT is making on the community college and workforce systems across the country, and will be updated as new information becomes available.


The TAACCCT grant program has created an online repository called SkillsCommons that offers thousands of training resources, including curriculum that leads to industry-recognized credentials in advanced manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, energy, and many other industries. All 256 TAACCCT grantees, involving nearly 700 of the nation's community colleges are contributing materials. All teaching, learning, and supporting materials on SkillsCommons are available under a Creative Commons license that allows others to use and adapt the materials at no cost. While there are multiple repositories of Open Educational Resources, SkillsCommons is the world's largest OER project featuring job-driven workforce development materials, with more resources being added continually.

SkillsCommons is designed and managed by California State University (CSU) and its Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) program under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor. Extensive user support resources are available on the website, and the SkillsCommons CSU-MERLOT team of librarians, educators, and developers are available to assist not only TAACCCT grantees in posting their materials, but anyone who is using and adapting the OER on SkillsCommons.

TAACCCT Grantee Program Finder

Find information about education and training programs funded TAACCCT. You can find details on the TAACCCT Grantee Program Finder about funded programs of study, institutions, projects and courses offered at colleges participating in TAACCCT. www.careeronestop.org/taaccct/taaccct.aspx

National Evaluation

The national evaluation of TAACCCT grants will add evidence on what works in workforce development and community college training. The national evaluation will provide lessons on the design, implementation, and operation of TAACCCT grants. A subset of Round 4 TAACCCT grantees will be selected to participate in a study that will examine participants' educational attainment, employment and earnings, and other outcomes.

Four research briefs are available as early deliverables from the TAACCCT national evaluation, focusing on the following topics:

TAACCCT Learning Network

The TAACCCT Learning Network is a community of practice for TAACCCT grantees. Resources available on the network include webinars and accompanying resources on Employer Engagement, Grant/Consortium Management, Using Open Educational Resources (OER), Sustainability, and more.