Lorenza initially heard about the Workforce Investment Agency (WIA) while attending Kagman High School in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. After graduating from high school, her parents advised Lorenza to utilize the training offered by WIA. Lorenza provided all necessary documents and was determined eligible for assistance.

Lorenza's caseworker worked with her to determine her objectives and goals. She also helped Lorenza to build a strong Individual Employment Plan. Additionally, Lorenza’s assessment revealed that she would need to develop some work experience. With careful planning and support from WIA, Lorenza was able to obtain placement at the Department of Fish & Wildlife. Though she was nervous to begin the work, Lorenza eventually learned to love her position as an administrative assistant trainee. With six months of training, Lorenza became skilled with the fishing and hunting permit process, purchase and acquisitions, travel authorizations processing, and administrative support.

Eventually, Lorenza accepted a full-time position as a clerk. She is extremely thankful for the opportunity that WIA provided and was able to purchase her own car.

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