How will States send their WIOA performance accountability data to the Department of Labor?

The Department has built the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS), an information technology system that accepts State and grantee performance reporting data, generates quarterly and annual performance accountability reports from that data, and provides the platform for States and grantees to certify their reports. WIOA States and titles I and III grantees are required to submit the first year of annual participant data for Program Year 2016 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017) on or before October 16, 2017, through WIPS.

Are any changes expected to WIPS?

During summer 2017, ETA has implemented a round of upgrades to the system to enhance user experience and make important refinements. Specifically, the August 4, 2017, release of WIPS updates focused on improving data quality, consisting mostly of new edit checks and updated logical validations. No file format change is expected through these WIPS updates, until any new or revised data elements are approved through the information collection process. This system will continue to be enhanced and improved over time.

Where can technical users find additional information on WIPS?

WIPS users with technical questions may contact the ETA WIPS User Resource Library Information Page located at: This site provides instructions and updates to WIPS as well as all required report templates, including the Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL), which includes all the required data elements.

Are States expected to collect and report on the data elements proposed in the amended WIOA Common Performance Reporting ICR, published in January 2017?

None of the changes proposed in the amended WIOA Common Performance Reporting ICR will be incorporated into the WIPS until after the information collection request has been approved by the OMB. Any changes will be finalized after the Program Year 2016 reporting period. States should continue to follow the current reporting specifications, which may be found at

Are States still expected to report their WIOA performance accountability data at the end of the Program Year 2016?

States must submit their WIOA titles I and III annual performance report to the Department of Labor on or before October 16, 2017. ETA acknowledges that there will be few outcomes on this report; however, the information on participants served, their characteristics and services they received must be submitted and will be useful for program analysis.

Are Eligible Training Provider (ETP) reports due for PY 2016?

Since outcomes will not yet be available, and since some of the data elements and reporting format for the ETP report have not yet been finalized, States are not required to submit ETP information until further notified.

When will SWIS data sharing agreements be in place?

A new State Wage Interchange System (SWIS) is being developed to facilitate the exchange of wage data among participating States for the purpose of assessing and reporting on State and local performance for the programs authorized under WIOA, and other statutory provisions authorized programs identified as one-stop partners under WIOA, and for other purposes allowed under law. The Departments are reconciling input from states on the draft SWIS data sharing agreement; currently the Departments are analyzing the comments, and will make any necessary revisions before sending the data sharing agreement to the States for another review. A second State comment period is planned prior to the data sharing agreement being sent to States for their signature.