Part A. OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT (To be completed by the employer).

NOTE: Please submit two complete and originals of the ETA Form 750, Part A. Each form must be one page, front to back.

  • Item 1. Name of Alien . The name of the alien(s) is not required for H-2B applications. This portion of the form may be left blank.
  • Item 2. Present Address of Alien . The address of the alien(s) is not required for H-2B applications. This portion of the form may be left blank.
  • Item 3. Type of Visa. Enter "H-2B"
  • Item 4. Name of Employer . Enter the full name of the business, firm or organization, or if an individual, enter name used for legal purposes on documents.
  • Item 5. Federal Taxpayer ID-EIN . Enter the Employer Identification Number (EIN). An EIN number is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity. Employers may apply for an EIN with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Item 6. Address of Employer . Self explanatory.
  • Item 7. Address where the Alien will Work . Enter the full address of site or location where the work will actually be performed, if different from the address in Item 6.
  • Item 8. Nature of Employer's Business . Enter a brief non-technical description, i.e., retail store, household, university, financial institution.
  • Item 9. Name of Job Title . Enter the common name or payroll title of the job being offered.
  • Item 10. Total Hours Per Week . Enter the basic hours of work required per week and overtime hours per week in accordance with State and Federal law for the work and locality.
  • Item 11. Work Schedule . Show the daily work schedule for the job, i.e., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Item 12. Rate of Pay . Enter a guaranteed wage and the unit of pay, such as $7.00 per hour, $850 per month, or $12,500 per year. The wage offer cannot be less than the prevailing wage as determined by the State Workforce Agency serving the area of intended employment.
  • Item 13. Job Duties . Describe the job duties, in detail, to be performed by any worker filling the job. Specify equipment used and pertinent working conditions.
  • Item 14. Minimum Education, Training, and Experience Required to Perform the Job Duties . Do not duplicate the time requirements. For example, time required in training should not also be listed in education or experience. Indicate whether months or years are required. Do not include restrictive requirements which are not actual business necessities for performance on the job and which would limit consideration of otherwise qualified U. S. workers.
  • Item 15. Other Special Requirements . Enter the job related requirements. Examples are shorthand and typing speeds, specific foreign language proficiency, test results. Document business necessity for a foreign language requirement.
  • Item 16. Occupational Title of Person Who Will Supervise Alien . Self explanatory.
  • Item 17. Number of Employees Alien Will Supervise . Self explanatory.
  • Item 18. Complete Only if Job is Temporary. Does not apply to offer of permanent employment.
  • Item 19. If the Job is unionized . Enter the number of the local, the name of the union, and the City and State in which the local has its main office.
  • Item 20. Statement of Live-At-Work Job Offer in Private Households . (Do not complete for other job offers).
    • 20(a). Description of Residence. Self explanatory.
    • 20(b). Number of Persons Residing at Place of Employment. Enter the number of adults, children under 18 years old, their sex and specific ages of children.
    • 20(c). Room and Board. Self explanatory.
  • Item 21. Recruitment Efforts . Describe in detail efforts to recruit U.S. workers for the job opportunity and the results. List sources of recruitment by name, i.e., Lane Technical School, the Daily Tribune Newspaper, Scientific Journal of America. Specify the number of applicants interviewed from each source and the lawful job-related reason why they were not hired.
  • Item 22. Please read instructions listed on the ETA Form 750, Part A.
  • Item 23. Employer Certifications . Read carefully. The employer certifies to these eight (8) conditions of employment by signing the form.
  • Item 24. Employer Declaration . The employer must complete all contact information, which includes the following:
    • Employer signature;
    • Name of employer representative who signed the application;
    • Title of employer representative who signed the application;
    • Email address of employer representative who signed the application;
    • Contact telephone number, with area code, of the employer representative who signed the application;
    • and Fax telephone number, with area code, of the employer representative who signed the application.

    If the employer is represented by an attorney or agent, the employer must complete the Authorization of Agent of Employer portion of Item 24. The employer must complete the following:

    • Employer signature;
    • Name of agent;
    • Address of agent, including number, street, city, state and zip code;
    • Email address of agent
    • Contact telephone number of agent;
    • and Fax telephone number of agent.

All copies of this form must bear the original signature of the employer or the employer's duly authorized representative with hiring authority. False statements are subject to Federal perjury and fraud penalties. The authorization of agent is completed only when the employer designates an agent to represent the employer in applying for labor certification. It is recommended that the employer not sign a blank form, since the employer takes full responsibility for any representations of the agent.

ETA Form 750, Part B is not required to be completed for H-2B applications.