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Anti Harassment Resources

Anti-Harassment Resources

Registered Apprenticeship sponsors* are required to take steps to foster workplace environments where all apprentices feel safe, welcomed, and treated fairly. Toward that end, the apprenticeship Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations require sponsors to provide anti-harassment training to apprentices and other individuals who work regularly with their apprentices. This resource page contains links to an Anti-Harassment Training Program and other materials that sponsors can use to help meet that obligation.

Learn more about sponsors' obligation to provide anti-harassment training in the
Frequently Asked Questions .

* This page is designed to provide guidance to apprenticeship sponsors registered with the federal Office of Apprenticeship, though any sponsor may use this information as a resource as applicable. Sponsors registered with state apprenticeship agencies (SAAs) should contact their SAA to learn more about how the federal Office of Apprenticeship's EEO regulations apply to them. Contact information for SAAs can be found here: .

Anti-Harassment Training

Presentation Options

By following one of the two options presented below, Apprenticeship sponsors will meet the requirements laid out in the updated EEO regulations regarding Anti-Harassment Training.

For more information on how to use and customize these materials, please see
Guide to Anti-Harassment Training Program .

For in-person, facilitated training (recommended):

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Show the PowerPoint Slide Show: Unlawful Harassment in Apprenticeship Programs - and discuss


Show slides 1-3 of the PowerPoint Slide Show; then the video: Introduction to Unlawful Harassment in Apprenticeship Programs ; and then slides 10 to the end of the Slide Show - and discuss.

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For web-based, self-directed training:

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Direct the trainee to play the online Knowledge Assessment: Checking Your Knowledge on Unlawful Harassment in Apprenticeship Programs , which will launch the video.


Then direct each trainee to review the Pledge Poster/Complaint Notice .


Anti-Harassment Resource Descriptions

Training Program

These materials are designed to help sponsors meet the requirements for anti-harassment training at 29 CFR 30.3(b)(4):
  • Introduction to Unlawful Harassment in Apprenticeship Programs video:
    Designed for sponsors to show to apprentices and employees who regularly work with them or to ask those apprentices and employees to view. It offers an overview of issues related to anti-harassment, including what unlawful harassment is, who may be a target or perpetrator of harassment, and what to do if an apprentice or other employee experiences or witnesses harassment in the workplace.

  • Checking Your Knowledge on Unlawful Harassment in Apprenticeship Programs web-based quiz:
    Allows viewers of the video to take a short series of interactive knowledge checks to assess their understanding. This quiz is designed to meet the apprenticeship EEO regulations' requirement that the sponsor-provided anti-harassment training include participation by trainees, even if the video is not viewed at an in-person meeting or training session.
    Trainers should check out this additional information on the assessment.
    Visit the EEO Pledge and Complaint page for instructions on EEO Pledge and Complaint Poster.

  • Unlawful Harassment in Apprenticeship Programs PowerPoint presentation:
    Allows sponsors to provide a deeper dive into the types of unlawful harassment that can occur at a workplace and what employees can do to stop it. The presentation includes a variety of real-world scenarios and related discussion questions that can be tailored to each sponsor's work environment.

    The presentation provides a place for sponsors to include contact information for the individual or office that apprentices and apprenticeship applicants should contact in the event that they experience or witness harassment in the program. In addition, the presentation can be customized to include the sponsor's logo or other information.

Additional Anti-Harassment Resources

Sponsors may wish to distribute these two documents to appropriate employees to supplement the training materials:

  • Unlawful Harassment in Apprenticeship
    This quick-access resource for apprentices contains the highlights of the Training Program. To use it, sponsors must customize it with information on whom to contact in the event that an apprentice or apprenticeship applicant experiences or witnesses harassment in the program.
    NOTE to Sponsors: Merely providing this document does NOT meet the requirement of providing interactive training. See " Presentation Options " above.
  • Harassment in Apprenticeship
    This resource for journeyworkers, forepersons, front-line supervisors and others who manage, train and mentor apprentices outlines their responsibilities in addressing workplace harassment, including tips for creating a safe and inclusive workplace for all.