Disability Self-Identification

The apprenticeship Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations set an aspirational goal of 7% for participation by qualified individuals with disabilities in Registered Apprenticeship programs. Sponsors that develop Affirmative Action Plans for apprenticeship will begin to document how many apprentices and applicants to their programs identify as individuals with disabilities. This will be done by inviting apprentices and applicants to voluntarily self-identify whether or not they have a disability, using a standard voluntary disability disclosure form.

Applicants for apprenticeship will be asked to complete the form at two stages in the hiring process: during the pre-offer stage, and again when they have been offered an apprenticeship position. Current apprentices will receive initial invitations to complete the voluntary disability disclosure form, and all apprentices will receive annual offers to update their status on the form.

Sponsor deadlines to implement disability self-identification are as follows:

Programs Registered with the US DOL Office of Apprenticeship:

  • January 18, 2019; OR
  • Two years from the date of program registration - whichever is later
  • Applies to programs with five or more apprentices

Programs Registered with a State Apprenticeship Agency:

  • Check with your State Apprenticeship Agency to determine when your self-identification requirement goes into effect.
  • Applies to programs with five or more apprentices

Access the Voluntary Disability Disclosure Form

Note that self-identification is completely voluntary on the part of apprentices and applicants for apprenticeship, and individuals are protected from disability discrimination whether or not they disclose a disability.

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Questions on the Disability Self-Identification Requirement?

Check out Disability Self-Identification: A Guide for Apprenticeship Sponsors , which includes:

  • Information on sponsors' responsibilities when an apprentice self-identifies as having a disability
  • Best practices for sponsors on the disability self-identification process
  • Additional resources about disability self-identification

View the June 2018 Disability Self-Identification webinar.

Additional Resources:

*Note: These two resources were created for federal contractors, which have been required to invite applicants and employees to self-identify as individuals with disabilities since 2014. But the resources may be helpful to sponsors in implementing the similar requirement that applies to them.