Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium

A network of Colleges and Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Working together to provide college-to-career opportunities

The Registered Apprenticeship-College Consortium (RACC) remains an important network of colleges and Registered Apprenticeship Programs working together to provide college-to-career opportunities. The Office of Apprenticeship is in the process of updating information collection forms to capture more robust information on registered apprenticeship activity within the network. Once new forms are approved, we will post them to the RACC website alongside a new user friendly application tool.


  • Provide Apprentices an accelerated pathway to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree
  • Create a new pipeline of degree seekers to increase graduation rates
  • Enhance the competitiveness of businesses by enlarging the pool of highly-trained workers
  • Strengthen relationships among Registered Apprenticeship and postsecondary institutions nationwide
  • Download the Application
  • Fact Sheet for Colleges

Apprenticeship Sponsors

  • A "grow your own" career path
  • Connection to a network of postsecondary institutions nationwide that accept the apprenticeship certificate
  • Prestige of your Registered Apprenticeship program as a rigorous postsecondary certificate that translates to college credit
  • A recruitment tool to help expand your pool of highly motivated and skilled workers
  • Download the Application and Application Appendix A
  • Fact Sheet for Sponsors

Representing Organizations

  • Be on the cutting edge of postsecondary learning
  • Enhance national understanding of and responses to the needs of apprentices as another working student population
  • Advance the flexibility needed to enable apprentices to pursue further credentials in postsecondary educational programs
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