The National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) grant awards are determined by a formula that estimates, by State, the relative demand for NFJP services.

The formula factors used to allocate funds for the NFJP were published in the Federal Register on May 19, 1999. This notice explains the purpose of the formula; i.e., distributing funds geographically by State service area based on each area's relative share of farmworkers who are eligible for enrollment in the NFJP. The data used in the formula are comprised of a combination of data sets that were selected to yield the relative share distribution across States of eligible farmworkers.

PY 2019 Employment and Training Grant Allocations

State Grantee(s) Amount
Alabama Telamon Corporation $751,290
Alaska n/a $ -
Arizona PPEP $2,378,836
Arkansas Arkansas Human Development Corporation $1,072,255
California Total:
Center for Employment Training
Central Valley Opportunity Center
CA Human Development Corporation
County of Kern
Proteus, Inc.
Colorado Rocky Mountain SER $1,262,507
Connecticut New England Farmworkers' Council $377,130
Delaware Telamon Corporation $146,081
District of Columbia n/a $ -
Florida FL Farmworkers Jobs and Education Program - FL Dept. of Ed $3,734,826
Georgia Telamon Corporation $1,566,766
Hawaii Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc. $301,846
Idaho Community Council of ID $1,666,122
Illinois Illinois Migrant Council $1,637,247
Indiana Proteus, Inc. $1,073,815
Iowa Proteus, Inc. $1,488,387
Kansas SER Corporation $1,143,620
Kentucky KY Farmworkers Program, Inc. $1,090,762
Louisiana Motivation Education & Training, Inc. $820,452
Maine Eastern Maine Development Corporation $308,242
Maryland Telamon Corporation $362,410
Massachusetts New England Farmworkers' Council $341,568
Michigan Telamon Corporation $1,995,828
Minnesota Motivation Education & Training, Inc. $1,527,595
Mississippi Mississippi Delta Council for Farmworker Opportunities, Inc. $1,168,525
Missouri United Migrant Opportunity Services, Inc. $923,513
Montana Rural Employment Opportunities, Inc. $589,076
Nebraska Proteus, Inc. $1,214,215
Nevada Oregon Human Development Corporation $178,911
New Hampshire New England Farmworkers' Council $108,334
New Jersey Pathstone Corporation $627,196
New Mexico HELP - New Mexico, Inc. $983,177
New York Pathstone Corporation $1,492,399
North Carolina Telamon Corporation $2,472,721
North Dakota Motivation Education & Training, Inc. $776,042
Ohio Pathstone Corporation $1,328,722
Oklahoma ORO Development Corporation $1,146,469
Oregon Oregon Human Development Corporation $2,293,830
Pennsylvania Pathstone Corporation $1,392,650
Puerto Rico Pathstone Corporation $2,755,037
Rhode Island New England Farmworkers' Council $56,902
South Carolina Telamon Corporation $871,010
South Dakota Black Hills Special Services Cooperative $572,272
Tennessee Tennessee Opportunity Programs, Inc. $838,575
Texas Motivation Education & Training, Inc. $6,011,223
Utah Futures Through Training $437,588
Vermont Pathstone Corporation $174,107
Virginia Telamon Corporation $939,663
Washington Opportunities Industrialization Center of Washington $4,234,704
West Virginia Telamon Corporation $176,865
Wisconsin United Migrant Opportunity Services, Inc. $1,536,848
Wyoming Motivation Education & Training, Inc. $230,181
Total $82,447,000