1. General. When investigative activity on a case needs to be conducted outside the geographic jurisdiction of the primary RO, the primary RO may request the RO having jurisdiction over this area (auxiliary office) to perform the work.

2. Memorandum to Auxiliary RO. The RD of the primary RO will request auxiliary office action through a memorandum to the RD of the auxiliary office. The memorandum will detail the requested action and will furnish any other case-related information which may be necessary for the auxiliary office to satisfy the request. Copies of the memorandum will be sent to OE/DFO.

3. Response by Auxiliary Office. The auxiliary office will complete all of the requested action within 30 days of the date the memorandum from the primary RO is received, or within the time agreed upon between the two offices. The results of the auxiliary office's investigative activity will be reported by a Report of Investigation (ROI) marked "RUC" (Referred Upon Completion) in the status block. In addition to the ROI (RUC), the original Reports of Interview (RIs), and accompanying exhibits prepared by the auxiliary RO, will be forwarded to the primary RO. A copy of the RUC report with exhibits will be maintained by the auxiliary office.

4. Action Not Completed in 30 Days. If the auxiliary office has not completed the requested action within 30 days, or within the agreed upon time, the RD will send a memorandum to the RD of the primary RO setting forth the reasons for the delay and providing an expected completion date.

5. Presence in Jurisdiction of Another Regional Office. If personnel of one RO will be present within the geographical jurisdiction of another RO during the course of investigative activity, the RD of the latter office should be informed in advance.