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Office of the Secretary
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  • We are measuring results differently.
    • OSHA is using broad high-level measures as well as new measures for agency-funded activities and programs to assess how they benefit you.
  • How will we measure success?
    • Reducing the number of fatalities associated with the four leading causes of workplace death – falls, electrocutions, caught in or between, and struck by – for sectors covered by the OSH Act in general industry and construction.
    • Increasing the number of targeted hazards abated.
      • Targeted injuries and illnesses include: hearing loss in manufacturing, illnesses in general industry and construction, and workplace amputations
    • Increase worker and employer awareness of OSHA rights, responsibilities and programs to improve “voice in the workplace.”
      • Activities include: expanded outreach and education targeted to small business and vulnerable workers in high risk industries, achieving an increase in health and safety protections and a reduction of occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities
  • Do you believe these are the right outcomes?
  • Do you believe these are the right measures for those outcomes?
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