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Back to work at last

More than two million people have been out of work longer than six months. Secretary Perez travelled to New Jersey to see how department grants are making a difference, and was joined by a familiar face with a unique perspective.

Back to work at last
Flexibility and Fair Pay

Flexibility and fair pay

It's not an "either/or." Nothing in the Fair Labor Standards Act requires us to choose between a flexible work arrangement and providing the most basic worker protections.


Above and beyond

A government challenge inspired more than 80 teams to create innovative service solutions for out-of-school youths, job seekers and employers.

Above and beyond

DOL Working For You

Jesus Mondragon

Driven to the brink

Jesus Mondragon's work-related stress was so intense he ended up in the hospital. After our investigation found that his company was employing illegal labor practices, including misclassifying hundreds of workers as independent contractors, he is receiving $20,000 in back pay and damages.

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National News

2016 Stand-Down for fall safety announced

Pancake house servers paid to have jobs

Industrial laundry worker's death preventable

Casino fired worker for medical leave

Sheet metal workers get back wages

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DOL in Action

Connecting veterans with good jobs

Discussing paid leave in Mass.

Officers ordered to repay $1.7 M to profit sharing plan

Outreach to Vietnamese community

Plant in Borger, Texas, receives a star

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Blog Highlights

Service spotlight Future of work Savings strategy

Service spotlight

OWCP Director Leonard Howie, a former Marine, shares lessons from his transition to a civilian career.

Future of work

Guest author Brendan Martin says worker-owned businesses can save jobs and communities – and we need more of them.

Savings strategy

Financial education, savings opportunities and appropriate protections help workers achieve sound retirements.


Upcoming Events

DOL Black History Month 2016: A Conversation with Former MA Governor Deval Patrick — OPE
Washington, DC

Fair Labor Standards Act Workshop — WHD
Houston, TX

Family and Medical Leave Act Workshop — WHD
Houston, TX

Fair Labor Standards Act Workshop — WHD
Sandy, UT

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