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Kirk Renee Brand

Meet Kirk

Kirk Frauenheim of Teamsters Local 120, a collection driver for a Minneapolis recycling company, took over the @USDOL Instagram account for a day to talk about the importance of collective bargaining and worker voice, helping the department and the White House kick off our first Regional Worker Voice Summit. Kirk is a great example of how you can #StartTheConvo for #WorkerVoice.

Meet Renee

Renee Brand helps build passenger buses at a St. Cloud, Minn., plant, and she calls herself living proof that the manufacturing industry is indeed alive. Having a voice in the workplace, she believes, means taxpayer dollars for public transit go the distance, and helps American manufacturers compete on a level playing field. Join us online at #StartTheConvo and at #WorkerVoice.

Secretary Perez addresses students and faculty at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy in Michigan.

Creating value for all

It's up to the next generation of leaders to make sure that prosperity is broadly shared, and, after visits at the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado, Secretary Perez writes he is more optimistic than ever that the future of American business is in good hands.


No more falling workers

The tower industry is small, and it is incredibly dangerous. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, and the telecommunications and tower industries share a commitment to keeping tower climbers safe.

Tower workers use safety harnesses. Photo courtesy of TIRAP.

Together we can end #ChildLabor and #ForcedLabor


DOL Working For You

Justice for demoted manager

Brittany, an assistant hotel manager, was unjustly and illegally demoted from a salaried position to an hourly one that paid significantly less. When she turned to us for help, we recovered $13,000 in back wages and damages.

Read her story.


National News

Three suffer amputations at Kansas plant

Calif. market to pay back wages, damages

Health benefits recovered for workers

Contractor cited on trench hazards

Medical lab in Fla. faulted on pay practices

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DOL in Action

Minnesota proposes paid parental leave

Paid sick leave coming to Vermont

Helping the troops make the transition

Air Force complex honored for safety

Outlining the future of the OFCCP

Read more DOL in Action


Blog Highlights

Students gain valuable construction skills through the Energy Coordinating Agency’s Connection Training Service Center in Philadelphia. A fair day's pay Leading the way

Moving us forward

The president's 2017 budget provides the training people need to get good jobs and build middle-class careers. It also tackles unfinished business.

A fair day's pay

When workers are cheated out of the pay they've earned, it hurts them and our economy. Here's our plan for protecting their paychecks.

Leading the way

Deputy Secretary Chris Lu reports on how Birmingham, Alabama, is taking action to improve wages and employment opportunities.


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50+ Women2Work Conference — WB
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DOL Black History Month 2016: A Conversation with Former MA Governor Deval Patrick — OPE
Washington, DC

Fair Labor Standards Act Workshop — WHD
Houston, TX

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