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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Prevailing Wage Conference Comments

Denver, Colorado

  1. All in all, it was a great conference. The instructors were very enthusiastic and approachable, the materials valuable and the structure well organized.
  2. This conference was extremely helpful. The materials covered a great variety of topics.
  3. It was very beneficial to have access to the DOL staff to ask direct questions. I would like to thank the staff for being approachable and accessible!
  4. This training was excellent. I learned a lot about Davis Bacon and SCA and how all these acts interrelate. Speakers seemed very knowledgeable. I now have a number of references to look up answers to questions I receive and know I can contact my local WHD. Thanks! Great job!
  5. This was excellent and addressed many questions that I had, as well as many topics that I wasn’t aware of specific related issues. I greatly benefited from attending and sincerely hope that you will hold another conference in the area VERY soon.

Melbourne, Florida

  • “I loved the DOL Conference. Everyone did a great job in presenting the information. I also loved the “hands on” nature of the program.
  • “Excellent training! Very, very informative. Presenters were knowledgeable and made information clear and gave understandable guidance, solutions, and recommendations. Thank you!”
  • “I truly enjoyed the conference! It was very informative. Considering how much valuable information was presented, I think the conference should be a week long!”
  • “I think this conference should be a requirement for federal contracting officers who administer contracts with applicable SCA or DBA provisions.”
  • “This class really helped me to understand Davis Bacon wages. Now I am afraid to bid these federal jobs, because I have some understanding of Davis Bacon. Very informative!”

New York, New York

  • “The event was the most organized and informative training I have ever attended. All DOL and HUD staff were professional and open to helping and answering all questions. It is obvious DOL employees love what they do and are very dedicated to the general public.”
  • “The workshops incorporated exercises and participating experiences that kept everyone’s attention and allowed them to apply the principles directly to their own situations.”
  • “The conference was very well planned. The workshops on the final day are a great practical wrap up.”
  • “Very informative and well organized event. Looking forward to future seminars/conferences.”
  • “The instructors were friendly and very knowledgeable!”
  • “The information was well presented and the experts presented the Davis Bacon compliance process clearly and professionally.”
  • “The class was very informative. The instructors answered all questions and the workshops were very good.”
  • “Overall, the conference was comprehensive and well-organized.”
  • “The speakers were excellent, and ample time for questions was allowed.”
  • “The hand-outs, resource book, and PowerPoint books were top-notch; professional and informative.”