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Office of Labor-Management Standards
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Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS)


The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will submit completed grant applications for urban projects to the Department of Labor (DOL) with a request for DOL’s certification that the requirements of Section 5333(b) have been satisfied for the grant.

With the exception of grants funding replacement of equipment or facilities of like-kind, grant amendments that do not make material changes, Job Access grants serving populations of less than 200,000 and State Infrastructure Bank capitalization grants, these urban projects will be referred by DOL to interested labor organizations in the service area of a project for the unions’ views prior to DOL certification.

In order to certify appropriate employee protections, DOL must have a precise understanding of the project activities, budget line items, and the identity and relationships of the grantee and recipients under the grant. Providing clear answers to the following questions will help assure timely processing of the application.  In order to facilitate DOL’s certification, grant applications should be complete and should include information addressing each of the following CHECKLIST items:

  1. Who is receiving the funds? The grantee/applicant and any other recipient(s) of funds must be clearly identified.
  1. What is the amount and type of funding to be awarded? Indicate whether funding is for operating or capital assistance. Identify how much is being provided to the applicant and to each recipient.
  1. What activities will be undertaken with the funds? Provide a complete project description of the activities to be carried out under the project (i.e. what type of service will be provided, what will be purchased or built, how may items will be purchased).
  1. Where will the project be carried out? Identify the geographic location of the project, including jurisdictional boundaries such as counties or cities.
  1. What service provider will carry out the project? If the applicant is not providing all the service, identify recipients and contractors.
  1. What other transit providers are in the service area? Identify all transit providers who compete with, feed into, or provide service adjacent to the funded service or capital project.
  1. What labor organizations represent employees of the grantee and of any other recipient(s) and other transit providers in the service area? Labor unions representing employees of the grantee/applicant/recipient and other service providers must be identified and contact information provided (see #9). Include this information in the grantee profile section in TEAM. The grantee is required to update this information as necessary and to verify it before submitting the application.
  1. For Job Access and reverse commute grants, what is the population to be served by the grant? Indicate in the project budget the size of the population being served. (Note: DOL is not required to make a referral before certifying Job Access grants serving populations under 200,000.)
  1. Have you provided contact information (name, address, phone, and fax number) for the grantee and for each recipient under the grant as well as unions representing employees of the grantee, any recipients and any other transit providers in the service area (identified in #6 & #7 above).



Updated 2008



Last Updated: 09/25/08