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Office of Labor-Management Standards

Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS)


Ann Comer, Chief

Ann Comer, Chief

Ann Comer was named Chief of the Division of Statutory Programs (DSP) in 2007. The DSP chief provides leadership and direction with regard to issuing determinations to the Federal Transit Administration whether fair and equitable arrangements protecting mass transit employees are in place, thereby permitting the release of federal transit grant funds, as well as developing policy with regard to transit employee protections.  In 1979, Ms. Comer joined the agency as a clerk typist. She was promoted in 1983 to the position of Industrial Relations Specialist. In 1996, she accepted a position with the Mine Safety and Health Administration as a personnel management specialist. In July, 1997, she was reassigned back to DSP where she progressed up the career ladder to team leader and eventually to chief. Ms. Comer earned a bachelor’s in history from Radford College.





Last Updated: 4-22-14