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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is LearningLink?

LearningLink is DOL’s e-training solution that provides employees with streamlined access to a wide variety of training programs and services.  LearningLink serves as an automated one-stop center for career building and enables managers and employees to work collaboratively to identify developmental needs based on a review of job competencies and/or skills.

2. What can I do in LearningLink?

All DOL employees have access to LearningLink. Once you have log onto the page, you can view your Profile, Learning Plan, Course Catalogs, and access any Training Reports.  In addition, employees will receive “Alerts” to keep up-to-date on the status of training, new training assignments and supervisor notices.

Supervisors can view subordinates training record and make employee development decisions based on a review of competency strengths or weaknesses.  Supervisors can also review training schedules and provide detailed analysis training reports.

3. How do I access LearningLink?

To log on to LearningLink, open your internet browser (such as Internet Explorer) and enter the following website address  When the main page appears, follow the prompts.  Access is also available from your workstation via LaborNet at under Online Tools.

4. What is my logon user ID and password?

Your LearningLink User ID is similar to your PeopleTime login ID, except LearningLink requires all lower-case letters and cannot exceed 20 characters.  You must only type the first 20 characters including the period (.).

Example:          If your PeopleTime login is: smithharrison.penelope
Your LearningLink login would be:  smithharrison.penelo

Your LearningLink password: 
the initial password to access LearningLink consists of your first initial (upper-case) followed by the first four characters of your last name (lower-case), followed by the last four numbers of your SSN, followed by $ (dollar sign).  Passwords are case sensitive.

Example:           Psmit1234$

The first time you log on to LearningLink, you will be asked to validate and, if needed, update your supervisor and email address and change your password.  

5. How do I change my initial password?

You are required to change your password.  After clicking the Login button, you will be presented with the change password process.  Your new password must adhere to DOL’s password requirements.  Your password must be a minimum of eight characters and must contain, in any order, at least one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, one number, and one special character (i.e., :!@#$%^&).  Example Z!labor07

6. Can I access LearningLink from home or away from my DOL office?

Yes, all you need is an Internet connection and Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. Open the Internet browser and go to A broadband connection is recommended, but not required. LearningLink will work over a dial-up connection, but most online content works much better over a broadband connection.

7. How long is the timeout for inactivity?

LearningLink will timeout automatically after twenty (20) minutes of inactivity.  After 20 minutes, you will be required to login again to resume your session.

8. Can I use LearningLink if I am not a DOL employee?
Yes, Contractors must contact their DOL agency sponsor to obtain specific instructions on how to access LearningLink.

9. Is LearningLink and courses offered therein Sec. 508 compliant?

LearningLink meets Section 508 requirements. 

10. What are the browser requirements for LearningLink users?

The recommended browser for LearningLink is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater. 

11. What is the contact information for the helpdesk?

If you have questions about the LearningLink application, you can contact the LearningLink help desk at or call 1-888-834-6978

12. As a supervisor, can I get reports about my employee’s training?

There are ten reports available in LearningLink which provide information on you, your employees (subordinates) or both. For instructions, see the LearningLink Reference Guide for Users, by clicking the Help button above the main menu on any screen

Logging into LearningLink

13. How do I log into LearningLink as a User?

Go to

When logging in for the first time, you will need to enter your User ID and password.  You will also be prompted to verify your Supervisor and Email address.  Once you have verified this information, please click the “Apply Changes” button. 

14. Can I change my User ID or password?

Your User ID is the unique identification assigned for use in PeopleTime, e-OPF and other DOL-specific applications.   At present, the only change to the User ID would occur if the employee was married and/or has an official name-change.  Password changes are permitted.  Your password can be changed by clicking the Change My Password link in the “I Want to Section” at the right of the login screen.  You can also reset a forgotten password and retrieve a forgotten ID from the appropriate links here. Your password will expire after 90 days per DOL security policy.

15. I received a validation error on my login regarding my User ID and/or Password?  What should I do?

Make sure you’re trying to login as a Student and not as an Administrator.  If you are still having problems, contact the Help Desk at

Registering for a Course

16. Do I need supervisory approval to take a course?

Some courses on LearningLink require an approval before a course can be taken.  Many online courses, such as free offerings available through SkillSoft University, can be taken anytime and do not require prior supervisor approval.  However, some courses, including those that are scheduled, may require a prior approval from either your Agency Training Officer or your immediate supervisor.  Please check with your Agency Training Officer for any specific concerns.

17. How do I self-register for a course in LearningLink?

When you log on to LearningLink, you will be taken to your LearningLink home page. On the right of your home page, there is a section called “Learning Plan”.  Under the Learning Plan you will see the course area where courses can be listed.  In order to select the courses, you must click on “Catalog” to review the courses.  If you are familiar with the course title, you can browse the courses and highlight the desired selection.

18. Can I register for Non-DOL training through LearningLink?

DOL employees will have to complete the SF-182 for items not offered through LearningLink.  At this time, the catalog consists of the training offerings currently available.  Plans are underway to include additional training resources not featured in the catalog.

All non-DOL training must be approved in accordance with applicable DOL Training Policy.

19. How do I get an SF-182 form approved in LearningLink?

The approval process will be automatically launched when you submit your request.  All of your approvers will be shown in the final screen.  You may view their names by clicking on the”Show All” link in the Approvals screen.

20 . How can I check the status of my SF-182 request?

To check the status of your SF-182, return to your Learning home page and click “SF-182 Requests”.  The status of your requests will appear in the “Pending Approval Actions” screen.

21. How do I get credit for external training taken via an SF-182 form?

After all approvals have been obtained and the training date has passed, a Pending Approval Action of Pending Verification will appear. Click the “Verify” button to launch the verification process.  Complete the form and click Submit.  After your supervisor has approved the verification, the course will automatically move to your learning history.

22. What is mandatory training? In order to keep current with policies, procedures, and federal law, certain agencies will require mandatory training. Your agency will determine which courses will be required along with a schedule of offerings.  

23. What if I do not get all my approvals in time for the class?

LearningLink will mark any requests not approved by the class date as denied.  Leave sufficient time to obtain the necessary approvals continue to check their status.  If you become aware of a problem or delay, notify your supervisor or the Agency Training Officer immediately.

Items in LearningLink

27. What  are “items”?

Items are defined as training courses. When reviewing the catalog, the  “Items” are listed by either category  or “course title”. After courses are selected, the events are listed as items in the learning plan.

28. What types of items are available on LearningLink?

A wide variety of items, online, instructor-led and blended, are available through LearningLink.  To see all available items, click the Catalog button on the top menu bar, then click on the subject area of your choice in the frame.

If you do not find the training you are looking for, click Contact Us above the main menu to locate your Agency Training Coordinator, who can explain what items are currently available and what plans your agency has for future training opportunities.

29. How do I know if a item needs to be completed?  Will I receive a reminder?

LearningLink will send out email reminders once a week to users when items the learning plan are pending.

Why do I receive an email from LearningLink with a due date after I registered for an online item?

If the item is required and been set with a required completion date, you will receive a notice stating that you need to complete the item until the item has been completed and placed in your learning history.

LearningLink will automatically add to your learning plan any item for which you register, if it is not already there. 
If there is no initial period assigned to the item, the due date will become the date on which you register. (The “initial peiod” is the amount of time allotted for itme completion after the item has been assigned, i.e.a grace period.) These warning may safely be ignored, as they are sent as a courtesy by the system and have no enforcement power.

There is an item on my Learning Plan that should not be there. What should I do?

You can remove any items you added yourself by checking the Remove box next to t he item, then clicking the Apply Changes button.

If the item was assigned by an administrator or a supervisor, an administrator will have to be notified.

Supervisors can remove the training assigned by them; administrators can remove any training not associated with a curriculum. 
To remove curriculum-related training, the entire curriculum must be removed.

Managing Your Training

32. How do I add a item to my Learning Plan?

To add a item to your Learning Plan, select Catalog from the top menu bar.  You may ether browse for the item, or search for it.  Once you have identified the item you wwihs to take, click Add to Learning Plan,  and the item will be added.

For more detailed instructions on catalog searches, see the LearningLink Users Reference Guide, is available by clicking Help above the main menu.

33. How do I launch an online item in LearningLink?

Click “Go to Learning Plan” form your Home page, or click “Learning” on the top menu bar to take you to your Learning Plan.  Your Learning Plan displays are the items currently assigned to you, including those you self-assigned.  Click Launch Content, to begin the item you have selected.

(Important Note:  Some items require your popup blockers to be turned off.  Check with your Agency’s IT specialist on how to turn off this feature.  For more information,  please refer to the LearnLink User’s Reference Guide)

34. How do I find items in LearningLink on specific topics?

All items are organized byh subject areas, which apprear in the left frame of the screen when browsing the catalog.  Click the subject area of interest, and all items associated witht subject area will appear inn the right frame.  If there are more than ten, they will appear ten to a screen.

35. How can I find items I am currently taking?

All items you have been assigned (including self-assignments ), or have registered for appear in your Learning Plan, which can be accessed in either two ways:

●  From your home page, click the Go to Learning Plan link in the Learning Plan box at the right of the screen.  You can also get to your Learning Plan from any screen.  You can also get your Learning Plan from any screen I LearningLink by clicking Learning on the top menu.

●  All current registrations can be seen by clicking Learning on the top menu, then clicking Current Registrations just below

36. Where can I see all items I have completed?

All completed training is in your Learning History. To access your Learning History, click Learning on the top menu, then Learning History.  To view the details of a specific item, click the title of the item.  You can sort the list by title, or by completion date.

38. I participated in training that was not offered through LearningLink.  Can I add it to my Learning History in LearningLink?

Training taken outside of LearningLink will have to be entered into your Learning History by either you supervisor or an administrator.  Contact your agency’s Training Officer for specific policies about your training and use of the LearningLink system.

Training approved and verified through the electronic SF-182 procedure will be automatically added to your Learning History, when the verification process is complete.

39. Once I complete a item in LearningLink, can I print a Completion Certificate?

Certificates of Completion are always available through your Learning History. Under the Learning tab, click Learning History.  The Learning History page shows you a summary list of the courses that you have completed and the dates they were completed.  To the right of the course title:  Review Content or Print Completion Certificate.  Click Print Certificate.

If you clicked the Review Content button by mistake, please click on Learning History under the Learning tab then click Print Completion Certificate.

40. I have completed a item from my Learning Plan, but I am still receiving email reminders about the item, how do I remove the reminders?

Please contact your LearningLink Administrator to have this corrected.  Be sure to provide the ID and/or title of the item.

41. I have completed an item and I would like to review it.  It is not in my Learning Plan; how do I view it again?

All completed items are moved to your Learning History.  To review the item, find it in your Learning History and click the Review Online Structure button.  Not all items are reviewable.  If this is the case, the Review Online Structure button will not appear.




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