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United States Department of Labor
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Digital Government Strategy

Milestone #4.2 — Digital Government Governance Response

U.S. Department of Labor
Digital Government Strategy: Milestone #4.2 Digital Government Governance Response
(Language below to be posted on the DOL public Digital Strategy website)
Due: November 23, 2012

The Department of Labor (DOL) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is leading and working collaboratively with the DOL Office of Public Affairs (OPA) to ensure the successful implementation of the Digital Government Strategy (DGS) milestones. The scope of DOLs digital services include: open data and content on DOLs Internet and Intranet websites, social media sites, public DOL communications, public API, public mobile app services, as well as digital services associated with internal DOL IT systems and services. OPA is currently responsible for managing a key portion of the Department's current digital services and data management activities including the Department's Internet and Intranet websites, social media sites, public DOL communications content, public Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), as well as public mobile application (app) development activities and mobile app services.

For DGS milestone #4.2, the OCIO began by assessing the current DOL IT governance framework in the context of the DGS's objectives and principles. DOL confirmed its current IT governance framework, including the OCIO IT governance structure and OPAs governance components, fulfill the requirements of milestone #4.2. It was also confirmed there are numerous existing digital government related policies and procedures in place that address and support the delivery and implementation of quality digital services to DOL customers — as desired by the DGS. For example, OPA's Division of Enterprise Communications oversees and manages the Enterprise Communication Management Group (ECMG), which governs DOL websites, social media, and mobile application development activities including policies and business process and guidance documents. Likewise, the OCIO has a mature and robust IT Governance structure including an Enterprise Implementation Committee (EIC), IT Acquisition Review Board (ITARB), four IT governance committees including the Strategic Business Alignment Committee (SBAC), IT Capital Planning Committee (CPC), IT Security Committee (ITSC), and the IT Service Management Committee (ITSM) as well as two forums — the Technology & Innovation and Field IT Forums, all facilitated and managed by the OCIO.

Going forward, the OCIO and OPA will continue to work collaboratively in overseeing the management and implementation of the DGS milestones as well as the development and delivery of trusted, information-centric, and customer focused DOL digital services across the Department.

With the existing DOL IT Governance Structure currently in place as described above, the DOL has fulfilled the digital services and data management governance structure requirements of Milestone #4.2 of the DGS.