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Books that Shaped Work in America

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With God on Our Side

With God on Our Side

Author: Adam Reich

Year Published: 2012

Description: In this book, Adam Reich chronicles the multi-year labor organizing campaign at Northern California's Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital as observed during his time volunteering with the Service Employees International Union. Both sides claimed moral credibility, with the hospital's owners — the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange — citing their strong record of social and economic advocacy and asserting that a union would detract from quality of care. Using this debate as a backdrop, Reich contends that in order to stay relevant, unions must articulate their purpose in the context of the greater good.

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'The future for American labor seems likely to hinge on its success in industries like health care: industries that orient themselves at least in part toward public goods; industries in which workers' values and emotional lives are closely entangled with their jobs.'

With God on Our Side

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