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Books that Shaped Work in America

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Spoon River Anthology

Spoon River Anthology

Author: Edgar Lee Masters

Year Published: 1915

Description: A cherished chronicle of an American way of life for generations of readers since its publication in 1915, Edgar Lee Masters' collection of poems tells the story of 212 residents of a fictional small town in the form of epitaphs. In each finely crafted poem, Masters creates fully realized characters whose observations on life and work paint a vivid picture of family, community, work and hardship in the early 20th Century in rural Illinois. The anthology is both loving in its observations of human struggle and stinging in its exposure of hypocrisy and greed.

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'One morning, as I stood there pouring,
The air grew still and seemed to heave,
And I shot up as the tank exploded,
And down I came with both legs broken,
And my eyes burned crisp as a couple of eggs.'

Spoon River Anthology

What does this book have to do with the U.S. Department of Labor?

The Department of Labor touches almost every aspect of working in America, including:

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