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Books that Shaped Work in America

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McGuffeys Newly Revised Eclectic Primer

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McGuffeys Newly Revised Eclectic Primer

Author: William Holmes McGuffey

Year Published: 1836

What Others are Saying:

  • Children of this era and beyond learned a good foundational beginning of the laws and rules of study and life.  Using this as a good start for children of backgrounds, the teachers can focus on the basics initially as the series builds to higher learning at a higher level than children do of today.  The children of those days learn many complicated writing, mathematics at such a young age to use to begin their life of the building of this country to the greatness it once was.  It seems to me that going back to basics is the best thing instead of building on failed policies and political policies in the classroom.  Children should remain out of the political spotlight as long as possible and should also be protected from outside influences through going back to basics and these basics are quite remarkable in the knowledge a young child would learn and the ability to build it even higher than the world.  Teaching children the sky is the limit or to infinite and beyond are not impossible.   

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