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Books that Shaped Work in America

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Gay Issues in the Workplace

Gay Issues in the Workplace

Author: Brian McNaught

Year Published: 1993

Description: Published 20 years ago, this management guide for the first time provided managers and human resources professionals with a set of tools by which to understand the challenges faced by LGBT workers and laid out a set of principles for building an inclusive workforce. As organizations began to recognize the value of diverse work environments where every individual feels included and valued, McNaught made a series of practical recommendations to make the most of LGBT talent and avoid hostility among employees. His reccomendations have been incorporated into the workplace diversity policies of some the nation's largest corporations.

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'Corporations who make the effort to create a safe and inclusive working environment for gay, lesbian, and bisexual people are doing more than helping 'maximize productivity' or 'attract and retain' the best and the brightest employees. They are also deeply touching people's lives.'

Gay Issues in the Workplace

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