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Books that Shaped Work in America

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The Book of Virtues

The Book of Virtues

Author: William Bennett

Year Published: 1993

Description: This anthology compiled by William J. Bennett uses fiction, non-fiction, poetry, speeches and other written works from throughout history and across the globe to illustrate the personal qualities widely agreed to be the building blocks of strong moral character. Its content is framed around 10 specific virtues (self-discipline, compassion, responsibility, friendship, work, courage, perseverance, honesty, loyalty and faith) and includes discussion notes for use by parents and other adults to help spark discussions among youth about the themes presented.

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'It has been said that there is nothing more influential, more determinant, in a child's life than the moral power of quiet example.'

The Book of Virtues

What does this book have to do with the U.S. Department of Labor?

The Department of Labor touches almost every aspect of working in America, including:

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